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What do I want to be in life ?

alondra7b September 01, 2016
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“What do you want to be in life” has been the biggest question I’ve been asked throughout my whole life. So I’m thinking “Well, what is it that I want to be? What’s that lifelong career I want to have?” However, I’ve never had a problem answering this question; I made my decision at a very young age.

On December 16, 2013 my older brother passed away, I was so affected by the news that I wasn’t able to sleep, eat, or even think- just cry. I remember grabbing my brother’s picture, and all of a sudden making a promise to him. My promise was that I will graduate and that I will also be the best profiler in the FBI, like he once told me I would be.

It was at the age of seven when I told myself that I wanted to be a police officer. I was inspired by my late brother; may his soul rest in peace. My brother always wanted to be a police officer, it was his dream. My dream was his dream once. I looked up to him like no other. It was funny because I would always tell him that I wanted to hurt all the bad guys who got drunk, but that was just me in my childhood being an innocent kid. As the years passed and as I got older, I realized that I did not want to be just a simple police officer. Instead, I wanted to become an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; I wanted to become apart of the FBI. Within the FBI, I want to pursue the career of a psychological, behavioral, and legal profiler.

Sometimes it felt that the idea of working for the FBI was just something that I wished for, and maybe in the future I would change my mind, and there it was again, my brother’s voice speaking about our dreams, and ever since then, I never doubted myself and I knew that that’s what I wanted. I want to save lives, to help those who are running away from their fears,they, like us, are humans and deserve the same respect as us but in a more  disciplinary way, but still with respect.

I made the biggest promise of my entire life to my very dear brother, and I know that I will make this promise happen. The only issue with trying to keep the promise I made to my brother is that in order to become an agent in the FBI, I am going to need a lot of schooling, and with all that schooling comes a lot of finances. There’s always obstacles in life that try to push you away from your dreams,  but for my brother I’m willing to fight for it and work for this scholarship, I’ll give it my all, and I won’t let you guys down. If you accept me, I want to be that girl where you look back and be like “I gave her a chance, she took it, and made her brother proud. She is one successful young lady”. 



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  1. James Warren September 2, 2016

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. alondra7b September 2, 2016

      Thank You! He’s Very Special, I’m Glad I Had The Chance To Write About Him & His Story!

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