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Work It! Working to Live and Living to Work

What Stays Same from a Musician to a Copywriter

Community Curator November 12, 2019
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This story was submitted by Jojo Z to the Work it! Working to Live and Living to Work collection as part of the October SEEQ sessions.

What stays same from a musician to a copywriter, and ended up a strategist in creative and brand- When I was little I was sent to private piano class and I loved to sing, so I have always dreamt I’d be a musician when I grow up. Then when I start to work I become, a copywriter in advertising agencies, and for 12 years, I thought that would be all my career and, now I am a strategist in creative and brand. Things that stayed the same within all these changes, are creativity, either musician, copywriters, and brand strategist, I share my ideas and sparks with people.

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