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Zoom Done Right

Community Curator March 31, 2020
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While we know some of you are drowning in video conference calls these days, we wanted to share the inspiration we got last week on a client project. We completed five SEEQ sessions in three days. We weren’t sure if it was going to feel as good as our in person sessions do…but they did!!  Participants told us the 3 hours they spent together (yeah, 3 hours) were “beautiful”, “enjoyable” and “by far one of my best Zoom experiences.” Said one, “I felt instant connection and logged off wanting to see this group again… that usually doesn’t happen so quickly.”

Three things we learned to make Zoom better:

  1. Have everyone turn their video on. Yes, we know. Some of us on the team resisted this early on. It can feel a little invasive to bring colleagues or strangers into your home, but it makes all the difference.
  2. Gallery View.  This let’s everyone see everyone. It’s the closest version to sitting around together and talking.
  3. Create time to share the stories of your experiences. Yes, there is work to get done, but 10-15 minutes just sharing what is going on and having others listen and affirm and connect to your experiences deepens your sense of team.

If you are able to try any of this on one of your next calls, we would love to hear how it worked for you and if you need to understand what your employees and consumers need from you now and after the crisis, we’re here to help!

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