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A trip to DisneyLand

vickie2103 June 13, 2023
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When I was in 5th grade and around 11 years old, I was under the guardianship of my grandparents. My parents divorced when I was 8 so I was taken in by my grandma and grandpa. I grew up in washington state and had only been out of state once to visit family in Wisconsin, so when I heard that we were going to go to Disneyland during spring break I was elated! I had been very sad and depressed due to the divorce and this gave me some enjoyment and excitement that eased my sad feelings.

For the 2 weeks leading up to the trip I could barely sleep I was so excited. Then the morning came where we took a shuttle bus to SeaTac airport and got on the plane. I’ll admit I was a little nervous at first but then I got used to the plane ride. When we arrived at JFK Airport it was so sunny and warm and there were tons of palm trees, I had never seen one in teal life before. We got on a bus to the park and once we got there the magic began. Even the people checking us in made the experience fun, they let me click things on the computer.

We got to outr hotel room and it was a huge suite. We had a beautiful view if the pool, and that was definitely the first thing to do on my list. The pool was huge and I was swimming like a fish all around it, my grandma rook a lit of pictures. After I dried off we went to get food and ice cream. The next few days we spent our time riding every ride we could find and the scariest one was space mountain, you definitely could not tell when the next turns and dips were about to hit you. It was exhilarating, especially in the dark with all the colorful lights. Splash mountain was fun, I got soaking wet on the way down the hill and have a hilarious photograph of me and my grandparents.

I got to eat the the Ariel themed restaurant and got to speak to Cinderella, I also had a book full of the cast members signatures. I got to dance with chip and Dale in the square, which was hilarious. Everything felt so new and exciting and I never got bored once. It was a lot of walking so sometimes we would take the monorail.

I remember we were obsessed with the Häagen-Dazs ice cream shop there so we went everyday, some days even twice! All in all it is an experience I will never forget and I am grateful my grandparents took me there. Definitely lifted everyone’s spirits during that time!


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