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atmathew May 19, 2018
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I did it. I have worn the honors of honors. I have graduated from the University of Virginia. I am thankful for all the experiences, and the culmination of my studies in this celebratory day. I am thankful that so many family and friends could come and support me on this wonderful day. Why am I writing on the day of my graduation? What am I going to do next? What do I want? Why have I been writing on this blog so often this week? Well I guess it’s time to reveal the plot twist. Time to reveal my hand.

This past week I have opened my heart to you. I have told you a part of my life while also looking ahead with you to what comes next. Beneath all of it was a string of one thing: sharing stories. That is what this blog is about, isn’t it? This wonderful site was started so that a diverse group of people could share their truth with others so that others could grow and learn. I have been talking a lot about my passion for sharing my stories and my desire to find a job that would align with my passions. Well this is for you, James Warren.

I am Andrew Mathew, and as I sit here typing this, I know this seems crazy. I just graduated college and one of the first things I am doing is writing to you. I want to thank you for starting this platform so that so many people could share their story with me and so many others. This week I have not only shared something with you, but I have also learned something about myself every day. I realized just how much I wanted to partner with you to do something meaningful with my career. Am I crazy? Probably. But one thing I know is I want this. I want to do something that matters, and I have fallen in love with this platform and the work you’re doing with SMS and JMI.

Not sure if anyone has ever done this, but here goes. I wanted to grab your attention, I wanted to show you that I not only care about the work you’re doing, but I wanted to show you that I also could do and I hope that you can see now that I can do it well. I am not asking for a handout, all I’m asking is for an interview. Consider me for a position so that I can help bring my passions that you’ve been reading about to help the work you’re doing. Give me a chance, that’s all I’m asking. If not, I understand, this was not for nothing. I have truly just enjoyed this experience. But if you’re at least a bit intrigued, I ask you to reach out so we can talk about this more in depth. So there’s the twist. The pay off. The big reveal. I wanted to catch your eye for an interview. I hope this serves as a better resume than a Word document with my accomplishments. I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope that you do consider me. I know that if you are truly passionate about something you should go out and pursue it, no matter what. Even if it takes writing a post a day, and taking time on the day of your college graduation to write about something you’re passionate about. This is my Cover Letter.

Yours Truly,

Andrew Mathew

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