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Helping Any Way I Can

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Curator’s Note: As told by Laura Henning, Marketing Manager, Chartwells Higher Education Dining Service, to the Food for Thought editorial staff, and used with permission.

While the Compass food recovery program I am going to be involved with hasn’t started yet, on a personal level, I have worked with the church and volunteered in soup kitchens over the years. I feel really strongly about helping others, especially when it comes to food.

What I love about the experience is how nice it is to talk to the people that come through. Everyone is really friendly and grateful. It’s such a feel-good situation, and even though the people there may not be who you would usually talk to in your day-to-day life, it does have a family-feel.


One experience that stands out in my memory is when I decided to provide pre-packaged food to people on the street during the holidays. I was in Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago, and when I was asked for money, I was able to offer food instead. In the end, I enjoyed the experience so much that I almost missed my train home!

Laura Henning, Marketing Manager, Chartwells Higher Education Dining Service


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