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How to Know if Your Career Is Leaving You Unsatisfied

Artur Meyster March 24, 2021
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One of the most common gripes you’ll hear among people is how much they dread going into work. Few people ever talk about their job with excitement and those are the people envied amongst their friends. All too often, members of the workforce become comfortable but not satisfied with the job they hold.

Deciding to switch careers or quit a job because you are not feeling that it meets your standards is a big decision. For that reason, it is important to identify a few signs that the job you currently hold just isn’t for you. If any of the below signs resonate with you, then considering a career change may be your best bet.

Boredom Comes to You Easily at Work

First and foremost, boredom at work is not uncommon, even among people who love their jobs. In fact, as Forbes points out, up to 90 percent of Americans feel bored during their average workday. That said, there is a major difference between being bored occasionally and every second of the day. Being constantly bored by every single task assigned to you is a sign that your career may not be right for you.

If this applies to you, it is possible you require a career path that has a large amount of versatility in regards to skills required and your day-to-day tasks. Perhaps you could consider becoming a web developer.

Web developers are responsible for creating websites for companies and maintaining those sites. You have a lot of freedom as a web developer as you build a website from scratch, and no two websites are the same, so your job will never be boring.

A part of the process of learning to become a web developer, however, is learning to code. It is true that many people have no interest in code and are only drawn to the creative aspect of web design. If this is your case, then a career as a UX designer may be a better option. A UX designer designs the aesthetics of a website.

Remember, constant boredom is a huge sign that your career is not for you and it may be time to find a path that challenges you.

There Is No Future for You There

As hard as it can be to face, if your job offers you no upward potential then it may not be worth your time and effort. Often, as the workforce ebbs and flows, the skills required of employees begin to change and evolve. Older employees with more traditional skills get shoved out and passed up for promotions in favor of new employees.

Identifying if you are in a dying industry is hugely important to ensuring the continuance of your career. Technology is disrupting the workforce and creating entirely new jobs that utilize new skills. Fortunately, obtaining those skills and staying relevant in a new career is not as difficult as it used to be.

Referenced earlier, coding is a skill that is applicable to many different job opportunities in the market, and learning to code has impressive benefits. Data science bootcamps are becoming more popular and offer intensive courses you can take at your own pace. Doing this in the evenings after work may allow you to graduate in under a year and allow you to transition to a better career with more potential.

The Work Doesn’t Match Your Skills

Sometimes, the work you perform just doesn’t use all the skills you have. This can lead you to feel as if the work is meaningless and wondering if your career is even for you. People often settle for the first job opportunity they get out of college and this results in them never finding a career that suits their interests.

Finding yourself in this situation can be hard, but it can be a beneficial realization. Take some time to look into getting an education from a trade school that can help align you with a career that actually utilizes the full range of your skills.


When it comes to your work, you should never settle. Going to work is a massive part of our lives and we feel most fulfilled when the work we are doing aligns with our passions and skills.

It is important to recognize when you are getting beat day-in and day-out by a career that just isn’t right for you. Take the time to evaluate your career and make the necessary changes to lead a more fulfilled work life.

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