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15-year-old Junu, who grew up in the same area as Bina, said she has also been inspired to engage in better practices after receiving menstrual hygiene training.

Curator’s note: The following is an excerpt of Junu’s story as told to WaterAid staff in February 2017.

I feel bad that there are so many restrictions imposed on us. Because of these restrictions, our mobility is limited. I can’t touch male members of the family. I can’t cook and I have to eat at a distance. I feel very bad about it. After I started attending training on menstrual hygiene, I have learned that we should prioritize our hygiene above all. I have also learned that we have to clean ourselves time and again. Initially, I didn’t change my pads in a timely manner, but now I have started taking better care of myself. Previously, I’ve missed out on many classes, but due to the new sanitary napkins storage facility, I can now ask my teacher for it without any hesitation. Various events and activities organized in our school have created a lot of awareness among us. We needed these changes to better our lifestyle.

Photo credit: WaterAid/Prizma Ghimire

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