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Richmond Metro Habitat for Humanity Builds Homes, Communities and Hope

terrijones December 09, 2018
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Rakeisha was determined to move her two young sons, sixth grader Qua’melle and his younger brother, Maurquel, who has autism, out of Creighton Court. While the boys were forced to share a bedroom in their small apartment, that hardship was minor compared to the fact that her sons couldn’t even play outside because of the increasing violence in their neighborhood.

Despite her best efforts, Rakeisha wasn’t able to improve her family’s situation on her salary as a receptionist at a hearing loss clinic (she has hearing loss herself). That’s until she found ’s affordable home ownership program.

Rakeisha applied for Habitat’s program and was accepted. Then the real work began, including 10 financial and homeownership education classes, monthly one-on-one budgeting sessions, and 350 hours of “sweat equity” building her own home and the homes of other Habitat homeowners.

Finally, after much hard work and dedication, this mom received the keys to her new home and achieved her goal of giving her sons a safe place to live. Rakeisha will make affordable payments on a zero percent interest mortgage and build valuable equity while doing so.

“Owning my own home will provide a safe environment to raise my children,” says the proud home owner. “A home to build stability and to pass down to my family in the future.”

Help build homes, communities and hope by donating or volunteering to Richmond Metro Habitat for Humanity!

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