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Who is the Ambience Group Promoter?

Ritu Sharma May 08, 2024
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Ambience Group

Ambience Group is a big real estate company in India. It started in 1986 by Mr. Raj Singh Gehlot and has become one of the top players in the real estate business. Ambience Group is famous for making fancy homes and offices in great spots all over India. They build things like luxury homes, big office buildings, shops, and hotels. Some of their famous projects include Ambience Mall, a cool shopping place in Delhi and Gurgaon, and Ambience Island, a fancy place to live in Gurgaon.

Who is the Promoter of Ambience Group?

Raj Singh Gehlot, also known as the Ambience Group Promoter, is a big name in real estate and business. He was the Chairman and Managing Director of Ambience Group, a top real estate company in India. Mr. Gehlot has been leading Ambience Group since 1986, and under his guidance, they’ve made some amazing places for shopping and fun, making city life better.

Ambience Group Promoter has been doing luxury real estate differently, especially in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR). They started with fancy apartments in South Delhi and then expanded to big projects like the famous ‘Ambience Island’ along NH-8. Mr. Gehlot says their success comes from smart planning, studying the market well, focusing on what customers want, and making sure everything they build is of the highest quality, catering to different kinds of buyers.

Ambience Group Promoter Stands Luxury in Delhi NCR’s Real Estate

Ambience Group’s promoter is a strong force in the real estate scene of Delhi NCR, known for creating a legacy of luxury, style, and top-notch architecture. Their history is rich, and they are dedicated to changing the way people experience luxury living. Established many years ago, Ambience Group has made an incredible impact on the region’s skyline. They are pioneers in crafting luxurious homes, enhancing retail experiences, and offering exclusive hospitality services. Over time, they have consistently set high standards for quality, innovation, and elegance in all their projects. [Source]

Ambience Group Promoter Bold Strategies For Shaping the Future of Real Estate in India

In recent years, the real estate sector in India has undergone significant changes. Reports show that this sector plays a vital role in driving growth and creating jobs in the country, with strong connections to India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Ambience Group, with a history spanning over three decades, is a key player in the Indian real estate market. They’ve built malls, hotels, office spaces, schools, homes, and even golf greens. Their innovative approaches and dedication to quality have not only changed city living but also paved the way for a better future in Indian real estate. This article explores the bold strategies used by Ambience Group promoters and their big impact on the industry.


Ambience Group, led by the visionary Raj Singh Gehlot, has solidified its position as a frontrunner in the Indian real estate sector. With a legacy spanning over three decades, the group has redefined luxury living and reshaped urban landscapes across Delhi NCR and beyond. Through innovative strategies, meticulous planning, and an unwavering commitment to quality, Ambience Group has not only built impressive structures but also contributed significantly to India’s economic growth and development. As the real estate sector continues to evolve, Ambience Group stands poised to lead the way with its bold and forward-thinking approach, shaping the future of real estate in India.

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