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An Update on Share More Stories

James Warren February 21, 2022
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Hey everybody it’s James from Share More Stories! It’s been a while since I’ve shared what we’ve been up to and given the past 18 months, I figure we’re due for a catch up!

As some of you know, Share More Stories TODAY can best be described as a human experience research company, with a focus on deeper human insights and strengthening the engagement between companies, organizations and people. Sometimes this looks like research that drives new brand strategy. Sometimes it’s about understanding the culture of the organization. Sometimes it’s about identifying new consumer segments and identifying val props, improving marketing execution, or enhancing organizational engagement.

**WATCH the video version of my update, or keep on reading below.**

We’re in our sweet spot when we can help business and organizational leaders LIKE YOU develop answers to the big questions you have, in order to get where you need to go. After the “great reset” from Covid-19, we found ourselves engaged in a number of research and strategy projects that have enabled Share More Stories (or SMS) to deliver deeper insights and better outcomes for our clients.

These engagements have spanned across a range of “spaces” including tourism, financial services, consumer goods, tech, childcare, higher ed, and youth development, and across private, public and not-for-profit sectors. In particular, travel and tourism and diversity, equity and inclusion — both in the marketplace and inside organizations — have been two areas of significant impact for us.

Going virtual unlocked lots of opportunities for us to serve clients we didn’t think we could easily serve a couple of years ago. Now our work is national in nature. Throughout last year and into the start of 2022, we’ve achieved a level of momentum and progress that I am truly THANKFUL for, as we continue to find a place of relevance in market research and analytics.

Building on a foundation laid over the past several years, we started to achieve our “break through” in 2021 with our main research offering, SEEQ.

SEEQ is a uniquely effective research tool that blends storytelling and advanced data analytics to help clients better understand consumer and employee experiences and attitudes, and surfaces needs and values that can be used to improve those experiences through empathy.

We’ve achieved these results primarily on marketing-focused engagements (and a few internal, organizational-focused ones).

Key to our growth has been the incredible stories that so many people have shared with us, especially over the past 18 months, in these various engagements. Deeply personal, authentic and emotional, they shine new light on customer experiences, and enable the voice of the customer to be heard in new ways. Our clients are blown away by the SEEQ experience and what they learn from it by sitting in the sessions and hearing the stories, seeing the powerful analytics and insights we derive from them, and participating our solutions facilitation.

Now we’re building a new platform that will help us scale the breadth of the insights and impact we have with SEEQ, and offer new tools to address more insight, analytics and solutioning needs.

I’m so grateful for the support of our team, our advisers and partners, and most of all, our clients and our participants. We’ve come a long, long way.

There’s more to come soon, so follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram to hear more from our team about how our tools, tech and expertise are helping customers solve marketing and organizational problems, through better insights and solutions.

If you have questions or a specific need, I’d love to connect, learn more about your challenges and goals, and explore how we can help. We’ll take you through a demo of our tool and process and show you what our results look like — and how some of our clients are applying them to achieve success.Message me here, or email me at james@sharemorestories.com.

Let’s build better experiences together. Have a great day!

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