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Real-life, personal stories or fictional stories of adventure.

How i wish

By |Adventure, Shared Stories

I wish I’d been there earlier. It might have made all the difference. So all I can tell you is how he was murdered. Basu, Vikram Basu was an established documentary filmmaker. He had won two national awards in a career of 11 years. Though he was often approached to [...]

Lagos Through His Eyes

By |Adventure, Fiction, Shared Stories

It was few minutes to midnight, with grave silence sneaking through the often ignored and somewhat complex fabrics of emptiness, leaping boundlessly into obscurity. The faint tick-tick of Segun’s one hundred and sixty gram heavy, gold Rolex Tudor Heritage wristwatch echoed like sweet soul music through a vast distance of [...]

The Boss

By |Adventure, Fiction, Life's a Trip

Under normal circumstances i would speak my mind, but, with a gun against my head, i’ll kept my mouth shut. “Look kid this ain’t nothing personal, but the boss gave me orders, ya shoulda listened.” The rough looking man cocked a smile and spit up a foul smelling fluid from [...]