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Real-life, personal stories of faith.

I More Than Survived, I Thrived! How an After-School Program Helped Change the Trajectory of My Life

By |All In, Empowerment and Triumph, Faith, Family, History, Making an Impact in the Community, Memoir, Reflections, Richmond, Shared Stories, Tragedy and Loss

… I was 14 years old.  It had been 10 long years of abuse from my untreated mentally ill mother and 6 long years of sexual abuse from my mother’s third husband. One morning as my mother physically and mentally abused me, a week after returning from the abortion clinic [...]

Stop Surviving… Start Living.

By |Faith, Shared Stories

I write this message in the name of my great friend, Jesus. This guy lives in Venezuela, where the crisis raises day after day. He is working as a nurse, he wroks from morning to night to take care of people and can not even take care of himself. Even [...]

Rise and Torture of the Satan within

By |Faith, Reflections

Of what else can Satan be, Besides the inner torment of thee, From time to time, It rises and suppresses the sublime, You try and try to end its reign, And yet, you writhed in pain, Let’s see what you refer to as Satan, Without knowing, obviously it can’t be [...]