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Look Up

James Warren June 05, 2022
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I went for a walk today, after some time inside meditating and writing. I often walk and run with my head down (I know, not great), because I am usually lost in thought.

Today I made it a point to look forward and really to look up. To change my perspective and consciously bring the outside in. (Because Lord knows I spend enough time in my own head.)

As I did, I was struck by the literal and metaphorical vastness of opportunity framed by blue sky and leaves reaching upward. Truly, it’s one of the wonders of this world.

I feel that this is a sign of growth for me and for you. So I encourage you today to look up, and grow into a space of possibility wherever and however your intuitions and your observations and your preparations and your connections might reveal for you.

With family. In community. Inside yourself. At work. With your business.

Look up, and grow toward your possibilities.

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