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How We Show Up (July 2019) SEEQ Stories of How We Show Up

On Edge

Community Curator August 01, 2019
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This story was submitted anonymously to the How We Show Up collection as part of the July SEEQ sessions.

Context: The company has sold half the business and looking to sell the remainder of the company. There are now about 70 people in the company going from 200 people. I am now under a new Director (K), and the relationship is much different than my previous Director (M). Previously, I was very authentic and able to talk to my him when I needed. Him (M) and I would talk about almost anything professionally and personally. Under the new Director (K), I have to schedule meetings with her, and we do not discuss anything personal. We are both faking it to survive, until we find the next “thing”. Both of us are doing our jobs, but no one in the office takes the time to communicate with one another. They try to have small get togethers, but it still is only surface level communication. This impacts the team moral because there is this unstable feeling where everyone knows the company is going to sell, we are all just waiting on the announcement. In this situation, it is difficult to be authentic when it is like a cloud is bearing over. Can you be authentic when you know a company is going to be selling/closing?

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