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How We Show Up (July 2019) SEEQ Stories of How We Show Up

Authentic Experience

Community Curator August 01, 2019
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This story was submitted anonymously to the How We Show Up collection as part of the July SEEQ sessions.

My moment of authenticity came this last spring during my National club volleyball tournament in Denver Colorado. My team from UW-Whitewater was coming off of an undefeated regular season and  winning the State Championship. Hopes were high when thinking about how we would fair in the national tournament. When we arrived at the convention center where the tournament would be held, emotions already started to set in. My team and I felt cocky knowing a small school like whitewater was ranked 13th in the nation. However we all were feeling pretty nervous watching the big name schools, who towered over most of us, pound the ball with ease. My most authentic self came during the later games of the tournament. Our team was not performing to the calibur we imagined and I saw my teammates slowly lose moral. As a fairly positive person, I tried to muster up what energy I had left to motivate my teammates in our final games and I thought they received it well which in turn helped me play better! Our tournament run had finally come to an end when we lost our final game and being a senior, things were pretty emotional. I held back the waterworks when I spoke in the last huddle with my teammates unlike some of my friends. During this talk I felt sad yet satisfied. During the last couple years I was able to create a family in our team by being myself and having others who welcomed my positive and sometimes odd personality. It was a wholesome moment where I was able to voice those feelings to my teammates who I considered some of my closest friends.

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