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How We Show Up (July 2019) SEEQ Stories of How We Show Up

Being Me

Community Curator August 01, 2019
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This story was submitted anonymously to the How We Show Up collection as part of the July SEEQ sessions.

Authenticity Being authentic feels true. It is releasing that scream when you’re excited and crying when someone upsets you. There are certain situations where maybe the version of your most authentic self is unprofessional and looked down upon. You need to understand your role and still be true to yourself in different ways. Understanding it’s hard. We are humans who are built to analyze situations and create the best life for ourselves. If someone cares about you they will share the experiences they’ve had to help you grow. Sometimes this can feel like people telling you that you should or shouldn’t act in a certain way. The tricky part is understanding “the why” they told me the story. Is it a reason that can majorly affect my life (in which case, maybe being a little bit inauthentic is necessary) or is this just a small detail that means nothing (in which afterwards, I will stay true to myself). Inauthentic Overall, I think there is a lot of energy and trust that goes into being an authentic person. Trusting that a person is not going to use the information against you. Expelling trust to everyone in the world is exhausting. And frankly, I don’t think people can or want to be alert that long. I find myself being most inauthentic when I am asked questions that I feel people don’t actually care to hear an answer to. I gauge the person and that is how I respond. Cashiers, people in passing or family that you haven’t seen in a long time, I will give a general overview to or just say life is good. To my friends and people I trust I am more apt to share. There is also a fear of disappointing someone. We do things all of the time to impress others around us and keep balance to the environment. If there is someone in your life that you want to trust you or look up to you. You may put on your most impressive emotion and do all the right things for the situation. A true experience. I am told that I am bold, honest or even sometimes hurtful. Honestly, I want people to be their best selves and I want to become my best self. In order to do that I feel like I need to be honest, when it’s appropriate to be. I believe that no one is perfect and there is always room to grow. Blending in with everyone else and being inauthentic and hide your true talents and feelings. We are only on this planet for such a short time. Why

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