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Reconnecting in London this Spring

silbchris April 23, 2021
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Few cities in Europe can offer a greater diversity of experiences than you can have in London. The new year brings thoughts for how we can take trips to entertain ourselves, and many people will be turning their sites on the UK capital for a unique experience. While it is virtually impossible to guarantee any kind of sustained good weather in London in the Spring, it’s still well worth visiting. Now that Covid restrictions are lifting, we have an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves in a vibrant and diverse city,

Take Advantage of the Museums

One of the main things that surprises international visitors to the city is that the majority of the most popular museums are free to the public. This makes them very popular with tourists and residents alike. While some places can get quite busy, the volume of places to see means that you can escape the crowds to some extent. The Natural History Museum, the British Museum, the London Museum of Transport is by no means an exhaustive list. Do your research to see what piques your interest! Make sure that these places are open again when planning your visit.

See what Events You can Enjoy

London is a city of culture and is always ready to reveal itself to residents and visitors alike. Any time throughout the year, you will be spoiled for choice, but spring is a particularly good time to take in different events and experiences. Now we are living in the so-called “new normal” of Covid times, you can do some research into specialised events that are taking place and designed to keep everyone safe during their visit. There is a lot to enjoy.

Wining and Dining

While London might not have the culinary reputation of Paris and Rome, it does offer eating experiences for every appetite. To see even a fraction of what’s on the menu, take a trip to see the restaurants in the Covent Garden area of the city. This central district is rich in history and home to some of the capital’s best-loved restaurants, cafes and eateries. You’ll find everything from fine dining to quick bites. It’s well worth a visit, especially if you’re hungry!

Beating the Crowds

As when it comes to taking a trip to anywhere in the world, most of us would like to beat the crowds and the main tourist rush. London is a city of some 8.9 million people, so you need to be prepared for the fact that avoiding crowds here is somewhat of an impossibility. In spring, however, if you can limit your travel out-with the main school holidays, you might find some tourist hotspots aren’t at their absolute worst. Particularly at the start of the Spring season, the city sees a slight reduction in tourists, which is always welcome for those who don’t like crowds.

London is an expansive and cultural centre with something unique on offer to everyone who visits. If you do the planning and avoid the famous bad weather, you will be guaranteed a truly unforgettable experience.


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