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Stories of Food Sustainability

Your Food Recovery Story Makes A Difference

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Since launching our Food for Thought community, many wonderful and insightful stories of food recovery have been shared. From recollections of why individuals got involved in food recovery, to insights into how Compass Group USA companies, partners and employees are making a huge difference, the breadth of stories and unique perspectives offered is nothing short of inspiring.

And it seems we are not alone in thinking so! If you are active on social media, you may have seen stories from the Food for Thought community featured on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even your LinkedIn feeds. It’s clear that these stories are striking a chord with thousands of individuals – take a look at just some of the comments made on social media in response to your Food For Thought stories*:

  • As an alumni, I am so glad to hear DePaul is involved in this project! (Joanne Cahnman, Facebook)
  • Thank you. So many times when we are done eating, what’s left over is thrown out. Fast food restaurants throw enough food out to feed thousands if not more. There needs to be something done to help the hungry. (Rita Dassing, Facebook)
  • Thanks Chartwells K12 for your continued support of K-12 Food Rescue! (Food Rescue, Facebook)
  • Great work, love what you are doing (@elizabethschowachertart, Instagram)
  • We think it’s cool that guys and girls try to make a difference! We are doing our best as well to make a difference for women and children in need. (@littlegemsusa, Instagram)

Sharing your food recovery stories truly helps to make a difference. Not only do you provide Compass Group USA with insight so they can enhance their community and celebrate the fantastic work of their employees and partners, you are also helping to spread the word about what can be done to reduce food waste and feed the hungry, inspiring everyone who connects with your story, whether that be on the community’s website, or on social media.

So if you haven’t shared your story of food recovery yet, we encourage you to share it! And if you have already shared a story, we would love to hear even more of your perspectives.  Because every single food recovery story is important; every single story helps Compass Group USA, and the wider community, make a difference.

To share, simply follow these easy steps:

1) Sign up.

2) Follow the instructions in your email and log in.

3) Share your story.

Don’t forget to select the Food for Thought community when you share. We can’t wait to wait read your food recovery story!

*Social media comments may be edited for clarity.


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