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Stories of Food Sustainability

New Year, New Opportunities for Food Recovery

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The New Year is upon us, and as is customary for this time of year, we are taking the opportunity to reflect on the year that was. And in looking back at the wonderfully inspiring stories contributed to the Food for Thought community, it’s clear that 2016 was indeed fruitful for the many individuals and organizations involved in Compass Group USA’s food recovery programs.

In Texas, Providence Healthcare Network worked with TouchPoint to implement a program of food donations to the local food bank, Caritas, commencing with the donation of 75 cans of food. Similarly, Seton Healthcare Family and TouchPoint partnered with Feeding America to launch a program in November, rescuing 400 pounds of food in the first two weeks alone. And in Galveston, the Central Division of Canteen Central replaced their usual October group meeting with something a little different – a day of volunteering at the Galveston County Food Bank. 

Heading northeast to Indiana, we learned of Chartwells K-12 partnership with Beech Grove City Schools, where, in two months, 5,595 food items were rescued and donated to the local food pantry, Servant’s Heart. And Ann Pendleton, a Chartwells K-12 employee, affirmed her commitment to educating the next generation on the value of healthy, nutritious meals as well as the importance of minimizing food waste.

Illinois also had its share of food recovery success, propelled by the dedication and passion of the people involved. Heather Payne, a Chartwells Higher Education employee, shared her goal to further engage higher education students and achieve 100% participation in food recovery. Laura Henning, another team member from Chartwells Higher Education, detailed how her commitment to food recovery extends beyond work, using her personal time and resources to help.

And that’s not all! Eurest has implemented a fully functioning program across nine sites, thanks to its partnership with food surplus organization, Zero Percent. And the St. Vincent De Paul Soup Kitchen has strengthened its ability to serve its guests, with great support from Chartwells Higher Education and De Paul University. (If you haven’t had the opportunity to see how much of an impact Chartwells and De Paul University has had on the local St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen, we highly recommend you check out this video!)

2016 was indeed a great year for those involved with Compass Group USA’s food recovery programs. And your stories, recollections, and thoughts of food recovery help Compass Group USA enhance the way it makes a difference in the communities it operates in.

So as we move into 2017, we encourage you to strengthen your commitment to food recovery, just as Compass Group USA has done. We encourage you to continue with the great work achieved so far, to find even more opportunities to help those in need, and to share your personal stories of food recovery.

We simply cannot wait to see what 2017 will bring!


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