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Stories of Food Sustainability

Spread merriment and cheer this holiday season with your food recovery story

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Although it only seems like yesterday we were enjoying the last days of Summer, the festive season is well and truly upon us. And as many of us look forward to the warming indulgences of the days ahead – homemade shortbreads, cinnamon-spiced eggnog, delectable fruit pies and a second, delicious Turkey dinner in as many months – for many others, the festive season can be a trying time. Faced with the upcoming hardships of winter, families and individuals can be challenged not only by what they can give, but what they can actually have.

This is why the food recovery programs supported by Compass Group USA are so essential. Working with a multitude of partners and with the active involvement of their employees, the Compass Group USA food recovery programs help to provide for those who need it most by offering healthy, nutritious meals and ongoing support.

Take a look at any of the personal stories shared on Food for Thought, and you will see just how much of an impact these programs have. In “Feeding America Central Texas Food Recovery – Touchpoint”, for example, Share More Stories user chefralph highlights how TouchPoint and Seton Healthcare Family have partnered with the Feeding America Central Texas chapter, rescuing more than 400 pounds of food in the first two weeks of the program! 

And tmccreary, another Food for Thought contributor, explained how Chartwells K12 has worked with Beech Grove City Schools to rescue 5,595 food items for Servant’s Heart, the local food pantry, within just two months.

But it’s not just the community impact – it’s the personal impact that also matters. In “Doing More”, Heather Payne, District Marketing Director of Chartwells Higher Education, describes how seeing the many people lining up at the local food pantries while walking her children to school inspires her to take action and help make a difference.

These personal food recovery stories are both heart-warming and necessary. They not only highlight and celebrate the wonderful work of those contributing to the community, but they also provide Compass Group USA with insight so they can enhance their community.

So if you have a food recovery story, we would love for you to share it. Perhaps like Laura Henning, Marketing Manager at Chartwells Higher Education, you’ve dedicated your personal time to helping those in need. Or perhaps you, or someone you know, has been supported by a local food bank. Either way, sharing your story makes a difference. And as you head into the season of joy and celebration, we can’t think of better way to share the merriment than by sharing your own food recovery story.

To share your story, simply follow these easy steps:

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2) Follow the instructions in your email and log in.

3) Share your story.

Don’t forget to select the Food for Thought community when you share. We can’t wait to wait read your food recovery story!

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