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How to Fall in Love With Your Business Again

silbchris March 18, 2022
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Running a business is similar to being in a relationship. Both require time, commitment and care to succeed. And, when they don’t, we’re often left heartbroken.

Just like a relationship, the early stages of building a business are exciting. The adrenaline kicks in, and soon it’s the only thing consuming your mind.

Yet, much like a relationship again, things can quickly go stale. It’s easy to lose your passion when you’re left dealing with the mundane. Paying bills, wages, insurance – it can all become boring.

But don’t throw in the towel just yet. It’s hasty to rush into a breakup without at least trying to find that loving fire again. So, here are some ways to fall back in love with your business!

Take a break

Although you can’t rush into a breakup, you can take a well-deserved break. Running a business is hard work, so it’s easy to become overworked and uninspired.

Taking a few days off from your business will not break the bank. Get away from your every day and disconnect for a while. Reconnect with nature, absorb some history, then return to work with a new mindset.

You’ll find that a break will improve your creativity, inspiration, and productivity. A study from 2011 proves that continuously working on a task results in lower performance than people who take regular breaks. So, close your emails, turn off your laptop, and take a well-earned break.

See new people

Unlike a relationship, your business will benefit from new people. This can be done by joining new communities and support groups for business owners.

These types of online or in-person groups are brilliant for several reasons. Firstly, these communities are full of people who have similar experiences. They can give advice and insight into things your friends and family can’t. Plus, having someone who understands exactly what you’ve gone through is a great way of building friendships.

Therefore, these groups are perfect for networking too. Through a local Chamber of Commerce, you might meet someone looking for your services or know someone who is. People often mistake these environments to be competitive and hostile, but this disregards the friendships and contacts these communities provide.

Make things exciting

Every business should have goals. However, not every company has goals that excite them.

When you start your work for the day, you should feel inspired and motivated to meet your goals. If you don’t, consider changing them. This won’t jeopardise your company; it just shows you’re changing.

You might be too focused on long-term goals, which might feel like a lifetime away. Try setting more short-term goals instead of feeling uninspired by seeing no immediate results.  For example, you could try increasing traffic to your website or online shop. Or, you could try to reach a certain amount of social media followers by the end of the week. What about hiring new members for your team? Whatever it is, make sure it motivates you.

Don’t be controlling

Your business is your baby. You’ve built it up from nothing, and you want nothing but the best for it. Being protective of your company is to be expected, but it can become a problem if you start micromanaging.

A micromanager is a boss or manager who closely watches over their employees. Although they might have good intentions, micromanaging can make workers feel self-conscious, frustrated, and ruin trust.

Plus, dealing with the tedious day-to-day business can bog you down. Everyone starts a business thinking it’ll be fun and exciting but slowly becomes a slave to mundane tasks. Keep your passion alive by delegating work to other colleagues or look into outsourcing support. This will take the pressure off your back, allowing you to focus on the big picture.

Take risks

What’s life without a little risk? Risks have to be taken in business to ensure you’re always on top of sales, trends, and competitors.

Look into exciting marketing campaigns you can try. Refresh your company website and branding. Learn a new skill and offer exciting new services to your clients. Think out of the box, stand out from the crowd, and take a chance.

But, listen to feedback. If a new service isn’t working, or a new design is inappropriate, don’t be disheartened; just try, try again!

Be nostalgic

Do you remember your first client? Do you remember your first sale? Wrap yourself up in some memories to remind yourself why you started your business in the first place.

You were driven and passionate when you first started; what changed? Is it your business, or you?

Remember to be grateful. Make a list of things you’re proud of. What are you thankful for? By being truly mindful, you’ll start to understand why your feelings have changed.

Don’t give up

You’ll fall in love again in no time after following these tips. Rekindling your love affair will take time and patience, but remembering why you fell in love in the first place will help.

No one wants a broken heart. Don’t give up – there’s hope yet!


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